Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Musings

On Tap for the Week

Celebrating Memorial Day with a family barbecue and hopefully our first "canoe day" of the season, weather permitting!

All of our usual activities, still going strong for a few more weeks before the summer wind-down begins.  Plus a couple of makeup classes, doctor's appointments, and some fun with our homeschool group. We are also planning to rent a dumpster to do a big garage clean-out, with the goal of actually being able to park the car inside!

Outside My Window

It's sunny, it's rainy, it's buggy, it's spring in New England! Our hummingbirds are back and enjoying their sugar water feeder, the leaves are all out (seemingly overnight!), and the birds and squirrels are everywhere. We have a pair of black squirrels visiting our yard this year, pretty exciting!


Still working on our ed plans for the year, with one week left to turn everything in. I am currently working on science plans for Grace & Christopher, which I will post just as soon as I get everything finished up! I am also planning to blog more than last week-we were away, so not much got done and I have missed it!


There is so much going on out there right now, but sadly I have not photographed any of it! We have tons of rhubarb (which we are having tonight, over ice cream), lots of baby lettuce, beets, and endive...the potato plants are up, we have our first little apple blossom.....and our first apple tree pests, tiny little caterpillars intent on devouring the baby leaves, ugh! 

Homeschool Notes 

We are plugging right along this week. James and Rose have about 4-6 weeks left of their current cores, but Grace and Christopher have much more. We will definitely be working through the summer, but at a lighter pace. 

In Our Kitchen

Rhubarb sauce, rhubarb jam, rhubarb crisp....and Grace will try her hand at making ice cream this week while the boys take on a BLT salad for "kids cook" night.  This is a busy week, so simple meals are in order. 

Watching & Reading 

We watched Frozen over the weekend-Rose absolutely adores this movie ( I am pretty fond of it myself!). My current read is Sarah's Key and I also recently read The Things That Keep Us Here. It was disturbing, but good. 

And a photo....the skunk cabbage at the stream behind our house..the first green thing to start growing back there.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Tell Grace good luck with the ice cream making! All that rhubarb sounds good, as does the BLT salad (recipe?). And I hope you get a chance to go canoeing - sounds lovely.

  2. I added a recipe link;). I don't think they'll be following it exactly, but it is their inspiration!


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