Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fourth Grade Plans

James will be in fourth grade come fall! Here is my plan for him, always subject to change, though I'm hoping to stick to it!

Literature & History

  • Bookshark's American History Part 1- I already own Sonlight Core D, and I was planning to update my Instructor Guide anyway because I wanted to use the revised Landmark History spine.  So I decided to get the Bookshark IG while I was at it.  Just a few of the books we will be reading....


Language Arts


  • Writing with Ease Level 3- James did WWE Level 1, but we never did 2 or 3. I am using Level 3 instead of 4 because he has never done dictation and I think he could use some more summarizing help.


 I really waffled on grammar, but I already own the teacher book for this program so I only need a new workbook, making this a very cost-effective choice.  I debated starting him back a level because he hasn't had any grammar so far, but after looking over the books I think he will do just fine starting at grade level. There is a lot of review built-in.


        Sonlight Science D- This year is all about Biology, Taxonomy, and Human Anatomy.  A few of the books we will be covering....

         I also have the optional Lyrical Life Science volumes 1 & 2 on hand, so we will include that as well.




        • Lively Latin 1- He started LL1 this year, but we had to drop it part way through because he still has trouble with a lot of written work. I hope to pick it back up sometime during fourth grade.



        And I think that's it!

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