Friday, April 25, 2014

Very Brief Thoughts on Life of Fred (Before High School Mathematics)

I meant to come back and post a little update after Grace tried out Life of Fred Elementary Physics, but here it is months later and she is now starting the second pre-algebra book!

Unfortunately I am not a math person myself. At all. So I really don't feel like I can give this series a proper review and tell you what it's all about. I do know there is plenty of math in it (!) and that she understands it pretty well, according to her Dad. There was some question though about waiting to do Elementary Physics until after the first pre-algebra book, since some kids had had trouble with it.

For the record, Grace did the books in this order....

Life of Fred Fractions

Life of Fred Decimals & Percents
Life of Fred Elementary Physics
Life of Fred Pre-Algebra with Biology

And now she is about to start this...

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra with Economics
She has done just fine with the books in this order and has had no problem keeping up with the work and passing the "bridges". We have not been adding anything else to LOF-this is all she does for math. She works for about a half-hour each day and does 1-2 chapters during that time. It doesn't seem like a whole lot of time for a 7th grader to spend doing math, but she is very strong in this subject and always has been. I do plan to have her take a placement test from another program once she is ready to go on to algebra, just to make sure we have all the bases covered. 

 I will not necessarily follow this LOF-only plan with the other kids, who are not quite as mathy as Grace and need a little more hand-holding. Christopher is using both LOF and Teaching Textbooks, James is using Math Mammoth and LOF, and Rose is using Singapore Essentials and LOF. But Grace was really bored to tears (literally!) by all the other programs we tried and she is doing great with just Life of Fred.

Oh, and the books are all Amazon links, but I always order from Z-Twist Books. They ship for free and they ship fast!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Cool! We just started Art of Problem Solving prealgebra... but when DS goes to school this fall, I'm thinking I might get him some LOF for some afterschool stuff, in case he gets interested.


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