Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Musings

***Outside my window...It has been chilly and rainy and there looks to be more of the same coming this week. I don't really mind since I have a nagging cold I can't get rid of and I'm too tired to do much garden work anyway. Rain is a nice excuse to rest.

  ***Things I'm thinking about...Summer planning. We made up our annual list of things the kids want to do over the summer. It needs lots more added to it. I don't know that we are doing any summer camps this year, but we have a beach vacation planned and another week set aside for a "staycation". I am determined to come up with some sort of rhythm that feels light and summery but keeps the boredom and squabbling down to a minimum. I also need to sit down and plan our next year calendar.

***Barn & garden happenings...Still no peas. I fear the chickens ate them all. We were supposed to fix the garden fence, but the rain and being under the weather kind of made us lose any motivation. Perhaps this week ( I feel like I say that a lot!). We are swimming in duck eggs right now, which we really can't use. None of like duck eggs in anything except baked goods, yet we get 4-5 duck eggs a day. They are really, really, good layers!

***In our kitchen... This week is Grace's week to cook and she is making tacos. We are going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo over the weekend with some Mexican food and choco tacos for dessert. Lots of Mexican this week!

  *** In our homeschool...I didn't read the The Writer's Jungle last week, but I am hoping to read the first chapter this week. Grace is starting Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 2 and Rose will start the last volume of Developing the Early Learner. I hope to finish reading our biography of Gandhi and start reading about Mother Teresa. We took a daytrip to a used bookstore and I was able to find a few books we need for next year for much less than I was planning on spending. I love used book stores!

***Creating... Just a little bit of knitting here and there while watching documentaries with the kids. I need to start a new project. 

  ***Reading and watching... We watched Apollo 13 with the kids and it was a huge hit. We finished the first disc of The Story of India and will get the second this week. We watched two more episodes of Cosmos, too.

***A few plans for the week ahead... Grace is finishing up her pottery class for the year, we hope to take the kids fishing for the first time this season, I have a used book sale I really want to hit up.... and a pile of errands to run.

Have a wonderful week!

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