Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Musings

***Outside my window...I think we will get our first daffodil this week! The crocuses came up a few days ago and surprisingly our little duck flock has not eaten them yet.

 ***Things I'm thinking about...Easter! We did shopping over the weekend and I find I get very frazzled putting together Easter baskets. We try to keep it pretty simple but doing up four Easter baskets without spending a ton of money (yet still making them nice)-well it always frazzles me a little.

***Barn & garden happenings...I started the garden over the weekend. So far I have peas, lettuce, kale, endive, radish, parsnip, beets, and potatoes in. This week I hope to get some basil seeds going indoors. 

***In our kitchen... Grace is on "kids cook Monday" and she is making white bean and turkey crock pot chili. I just got this crock pot, because we broke ours. I do love a pretty appliance;). This weekend we will be coloring eggs of course, and making hot cross buns. And maybe a Peeps Cake. I have conflicting feelings about Peeps, but the kids love them. One of their favorite parts of Easter is putting a peep in the microwave to see what happens. If you haven't tried it, it's a must. Just keep a close eye on things, if you don't it could get quite messy;).

  *** In our homeschool...Last week I said I wasn't going to read A Little Princess with James, but I did anyway and so far no complaints. I love this book. This week I am continuing with my planning and trying to decide grammar for James. He will be in 4th grade and I am deciding between no formal grammar, MCT's Grammar Town, or something else. I was able to get a few of our books for next year at a used book sale over the weekend, so I am quite excited about that. 

***Creating...Not too much.The kids made these eggs for art and we hung them up in the windows. 

  ***Reading and watching... We finished Wild China and I highly recommend it! We watched Jumanji with the kids over the weekend. I have been DVRing Your Inner Fish to watch with them after we finish with Cosmos.

***A few plans for the week ahead... Oh. wow. So many appointments this week! I have two separate doctor appointments, the kids each have a dentist appointment, and one has an orthodontist appointment. And the dog is going to the vet. That's eight appointments-though the dentist ones are back-to-back, so that is some relief.

Have a wonderful week, and Happy Easter to you!

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  1. So many appointments! Well, at least you all are making time for microwaving Peeps - thanks for the reminder to do that since it's always fun! Glad you guys are enjoying A Little Princess, which was one of my favorite childhood books!


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