Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Grade, Take Two

I guess it was inevitable.  As soon as I thought I had one child's homeschool year planned I immediately start rethinking it.  I am starting to realize that constantly changing my mind is an inevitable part of my planning process!

This is what I have changed:

  • We will pick and choose from the work in Sonlight's LA K, but I no longer plan to move on to LA 1. 
  • We will move on to the Explode the Code books after she finishes up the Ready, Set, Go for the Code books. I originally planned to stop after she finished those first books, but she enjoys them and I think they are helping her.
  • I added in Bravewriter's Jot-it-Down, which I would like to use with her, though I will have to wait to see if it fits in with the budget. I also added First Language Lessons, which we already own.
  • I changed up the science. I do like Sonlight Science, but I don't own Core A and I can't really justify buying it when we own so much other stuff already. So we are doing science a la The Well-Trained Mind.
The updated version of my first grade plans for Rose is here. I am also working on a "fun list" for each child and hope to have hers up shortly. This will be extra read-alouds, games, documentaries etc...kind of a bucket list that we can use on difficult weeks, on the weekends, or just when we need something different.

Till next time!

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