Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Kid's Guide to Money- A Nice Little Freebie!

 I recently received four copies of A Kid's Guide to Money from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. These were totally free and you can order them from the link above as a download or as a print copy. I think they look pretty good-especially for free!

Inside there are quite a few activities to help kids learn some basics about money. There is a discussion about wants versus needs and a little chart to fill out to get kids thinking about what is truly necessary. There is also a page devoted to making choices and opportunity cost.

And here we have a page about earning money where kids are encouraged to brainstorm some ways they could earn some.

There are also pages about budgeting and saving with space for kids to create and track a savings goal, plus  a money word search. The website has some online games, a video, and an activity where kids can design their own currency.

I think spending some time with this little book and the website will be a nice follow-up to Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? which Grace and Christopher just read for Core F.

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