Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Lego Balloon Car Project & Free Science

I just discovered the website Homeschool Freebie of the Day. Really, I cannot think how I am just now hearing of this site- it is fantastic! There are so many neat ideas to try that I could spend hours browsing through it-and it's all free! We tried the Lego Balloon Car Project, in which you try to build (naturally) a balloon-powered Lego car. We had a blast! Here are a couple designs that worked for us....

There is also a website to visit  here, but it's best to view it after you attempt to build your own car. This was a nice way to start our week off with a little fun, gentle learning!

We also watched The Day the Mesozoic Died from HHMI which you can order free from their site or watch online. It was very well done and held everyone's attention, from mine down to the five year-old's! I noticed on my DVD copy that there is a BioInteractive section on the website that includes lots of related resources. It looked very promising in the few minutes I spent checking it out and I plan to use some of it to dig deeper into what we watched.

 In fact, I am thinking we will use our HHMI videos and the website as a starting point for a little evolution study. The kids are very interested in doing this and I am always happy to start a new "project"!

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