Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some Plans for March

A few plans, ideas, and recipes for March....which is definitely coming in like a lion in these parts. If only it will go out like a lamb.

Holidays and Special Days

March 4th is Mardi Gras, which we don't usually celebrate- but I have been having a jambalaya craving so it's as good an excuse as any to make some.

March 4th is the first day of Daylight Savings Times 'round here, when the clocks "spring forward" an hour.  It won't be dark at dinner time! Exciting stuff, that;).

March 14th is National Pii Day. We celebrate by having pie for dessert- either homemade or store-bought-depending on what else the day has in store.

March 15th is the Ides of March.  

March 16th is the Full Worm Moon or Sap Moon. It's always to nice to notice when the moon is full.

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. We are not Irish, but we like to wear green anyway. The kids set out a leprachaun trap Grace made years ago and a foolish leprechaun usually drops some gold inside. And by gold, I mean chocolate. We try to eat something vaguely Irish for dinner, along with Irish soda bread and shamrock shakes.

March 19th is our dog's birthday. The kids like to celebrate by picking out a new toy for him and creating a dog food cake using canned dog food and dog "cookies". The dog enjoys this day, too:).

March 2oth is the First Day of Spring!

But our most important event in March will James turning 9! Where does the time go??

Other Things to Make, Do, and Notice

  • Irish coffee
  • Maple syrup season
  • Gardening season starts-at least the indoor-seed-starting part!
  • Potting up pansies-the first hardy flower we can put outside
  • Movies-Mr. Peabody & Sherman and The Muppets Most Wanted are out this month
  • Our annual trip to the local spring flower show
  • Our apple trees arrive late in the month and will need planting

Happy March!


  1. I love this, and am stealing it for my blog, though I'll make sure to give you credit ;)

  2. Thanks:). Glad it was helpful!


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