Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Musings

***Outside my window...I don't even want to talk about it. The end of the week looks much nicer, so I'm going to focus on that.

 ***Things I'm thinking about...Planning for next year. I keep thinking I am going to start and then other things come up and I don't. This week I hope to make a list of books we need for Rose for Sonlight Core A. We own a lot of them already, so I will not be buying a Core package. We also have a great local used book sale coming up in a couple of weeks and I am hoping to find some of the books used.

***Barn & garden happenings...Still boiling. I think we have made a little over a gallon of syrup now. I need to divide my kale seedlings this week. The baby lettuce plants are doing well and hopefully will go out to the cold frame in a couple of weeks, weather permitting.

***In our kitchen... Stone soup with Rose this week and some Vietnamese cooking for Christopher's Vietnam project for Core F.

  *** In our homeschool...Rose and I are working our way through the Magic School Bus Dinosaur Kit. I ordered GEMS Life Through Time  and it is supposed to come this week- I am excited to sit down and look it over!
***Creating... My cowl was coming along nicely until I realized that I knit two rows back-to-back, creating a noticeable funkiness in the pattern. Sigh. Now I have to figure out if I should try ripping it back a few rows to fix it (but it's a ton of stitches and I am afraid to do it) or just live with it (but I want it to look good!). I really hate knitting mistakes. 

  ***Reading and watching... We started watching Cosmos and are enjoying it. We are going to continue watching the second disk of Wild China this week. I have been reading lots of homeschooling catalogs, after sending away for as  many as I could think of. Sonlight, Memoria Press, Beautiful Feet, Classical Academic Press....and a few more I haven't received yet. I really love browsing through homeschooling catalogs!

***A few plans for the week ahead... Warmer temps, I hope. A field trip to the sugar shack. A trip to the movies to see Muppets Most Wanted. Putting up a few Easter decorations, maybe. Making some maple sugar candy.

  ***And another birthday come and gone....Time goes by so very quickly

Enjoy your week!

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  1. We used the purple version of that candle here this weekend! Hope it warms up for you this week :)


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