Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Musings

***Outside my window...We actually had some decent temperatures here this weekend! Like in the 40's! Kind of sad, really, that that felt warm, but it was nice to be able to go out and do chores without feeling totally miserable.

***Things I'm thinking about...Our year-round homeschooling schedule. Surprisingly, this actually stuck this year and we have really followed it. The rest of our spring will be mostly 3-4 weeks "on" followed by a week "off". This week is our March break, which surprisingly, I don't feel like I really need-but the kids want it. I did tell them we will be spending part of it decluttering their bedrooms. You can imagine their excitement;).

***Barn & garden happenings...I started some lettuce seeds in little cups, hoping that I will be able to transplant them outdoors in another month or so. And we tapped our trees this weekend! Which means the next few weeks will be spent boiling sap down and stocking up the freezer with syrup. It's perfect timing, because we just opened our last jar of syrup yesterday.

***In our kitchen...It's National Pii Day this week, so I'm making ice cream pie.

  *** In our homeschool...James finished the first half of Math Mammoth 3, so it's time to order the second half. He has done very well with it so far!
***Creating...My cowl is in the works. I actually did quite a bit of work on it over the weekend, but with 220 stitches per round it takes  me 20 minutes to do a single round. In other words, I will be lucky to be wearing it by next winter.

 ***Reading and watching... We are really enjoying Wild China (also available on Netflix). Rose and I just started Elmer and the Dragon.

  ***Weekend Photo...A rather terrible picture of the wreath Grace and I made for the back door. It is very pretty in person. It's just a simple grapevine form studded with silk forsythia, but it really  makes it feel like spring has come to the kitchen.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Wild China is amazing! I think we'll watch it again when we study ancient China in a few weeks.

    Have a good week "off" from homeschooling!


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