Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Evening Musings

***Outside my window...It was actually spring-like over the weekend, but today is cold, and blustery, and just...ugh.

 ***Things I'm thinking about...Kids getting older, like I always do after a birthday. James is 9 now! We had a very nice birthday weekend and he finished up building his new Lego set this afternoon-there are few things better than a new Lego set to a 9 year old boy:).

***Barn & garden happenings...We are still boiling sap into syrup as the weather allows. We went through tons of it today. It is really a pretty low-maintenance activity once you get into it, especially since we do it on the grill instead of with a wood fire.  The two older kids and I take turns adding new sap to the boiling pan throughout the day and then we bring it in at night for the final boil down.

***In our kitchen... James picked grasshopper cake for his birthday, for the second year in a row. I really have no clue what I am cooking this week-probably should figure that out!

  *** In our homeschool...We are watching the last of our HHMI DVD's this week. I have decided to set aside the lectures for now- I think they are pretty interesting but they don't tend to hold the kids interest. The films have been wonderful, though. They are also really enjoying The Magic of Reality.
***Creating... My cowl is still going along slowly. Not much else to report!

 ***Reading and watching... We started watching The Two Towers (LOTR) this week with the older three. It'll take us two nights to get through it! Likewise, we started watching Water for Elephants without the kids, but I had to go to bed half-way through. I kind of miss having the energy to watch a whole movie in one sitting!

***A few plans for the week ahead...A party for James, hopefully a field trip if the weather gets better by the week's end, boiling more sap, and maybe picking up our new (to us!) car.

  ***And finally, a goat photo....I only wish all three had posed!

 Have a wonderful week!

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