Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Plans

Valentine's Day is this Friday.... February is flying right on by, it seems. These are a few of our plans for the holiday.  Some we have already done, some we plan to do, and some, I am sure, will not get done at all! 

~A valentine making party~

We made valentines over the weekend. I set out a bunch of craft stuff on the dining table-scrapbook paper, cardstock, foam shapes, stickers, glitter, hole-punches, scissors, tape, glue-sticks, ribbon, etc.. Everyone makes everyone else a valentine. Of course, it is a bit difficult when you are sitting right next to the person you are making the valentine for, but we have fun with it-until it's time to clean up the mess! The finished valentines all go into a box until Friday.  If the kids get any valentines in the mail, I sneak those into the box, too.  The kids also mail simple cards to a few relatives.

~Valentine crafts~

Sometime this week I hope to do a craft or two with whomever is interested. These are a few that I have bookmarked.

Beaded Bracelets
Fingerprint Heart
Salt Dough Hearts
Love Bugs
Tie Dye Hearts- We made these last year, but I can't find them and they were so pretty!

~Valentine books~

We actually have very few Valentine's Day books, but I always get out Silly Tilly's Valentine.

 ~A Valentine menu~

I try to remember to have something festive on Valentine's Day morning. The plan this year is to have waffles (frozen) with strawberries and hot chocolate.  Everyone gets a little cup or bag of candy at their place.  Dinner is spaghetti and meatballs, by candlelight, of course, followed by a heart-shaped cake. Friday is also the night of the full Snow Moon, so that will be neat to look for, weather permitting!

Happy Valentine's week!

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  1. You're amazing. I didn't pull out a single heart decoration this year. I just can't find the energy! Go you!! :)


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