Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Musings

***Outside my window...We had a nice warm-up over the weekend. 40*F one day! That is warm for February in New England. We have a big snowstorm predicted in the next couple of days, we might get a little over a foot. I have been hoping for at least one big snow, so here's hoping this is it.

***Things I'm thinking about...Getting over this cold. We have been passing it around for 12 days now. I am pretty well fed up with both it and the lingering sinus pain/headache that doesn't want to leave.   The younger three all got fevers and were pretty miserable, Grace seems to have gotten a more mild version of it, and mine was somewhere in the middle. I am hoping that by the end of the week everyone will be feeling normal again. February is definitely cabin fever month for me!

***Barn & garden happenings...I still haven't placed my seed order, not surprisingly.  The chickens are laying really well right now.  We had ten eggs one day, eight another.  We haven't had to buy eggs in a couple of weeks.

***In our kitchen...Christopher and I made overnight French toast for tomorrow. I love having breakfast planned out the evening before. It makes me feel very organized.  I made an apricot jam this morning and it turned out really nice. The recipe was on my Susan Branch calendar.

  *** In our homeschool... We are taking this week as our February vacation week. I started reading through D'Aulaire's Greek Myths with James this morning to try to distract him from how miserable he was feeling. I am hoping to have a little time this week to start our Core A or Core D planning, since we are more than half-way through P 4/5 and Core C.

***Creating...I am kind of on a dishcloth making kick. I finished two and then started a third during the Superbowl.  And then I was kind of stuck for a new project, so I sat down and printed out a few patterns. I love having new projects lined up and ready to go. Especially during a snowed-in/sick week like this one.

 ***Reading and watching... I am reading The Illumination. Everyone stayed up to watch the Superbowl last night. It was fun. Lots of time to knit, which is always nice. We made a ton of food, too much really, but we had a nice "leftover party" for dinner today.

***A few plans for the week...Getting healthy, I hope! All our usual stuff, or whatever doesn't get snowed out. The Lego Movie is coming out! And I have a long, overly ambitious list of little projects I'd like to get done during the break-things like organizing the bookshelves, starting to plan for our next year of homeschool, booking our spring trip, and getting our sap equipment ready for sugaring season. I am sure only a small percentage of the list will actually be accomplished, though.

**** Photos from the weekend....Chinese New Year crafts (links here), groundhog pancakes (if you use your imagination), and our Superbowl cake (which if you use your imagination looks just like a football field).

 Have a great week!

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