Thursday, February 6, 2014

OHC: Winter Nature Walk & Scavenger Hunt

We did our first Outdoor Hour activity in just about forever last week! I was very happy to get back into it. We had planned to do the snow study, but decided instead to wait for a snowstorm. It seemed like a good day to do the Winter Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt.

Here is what we found.

A tree that has lost all its leaves

A tree that still has leaves

An evergreen tree 
Buds on a tree- a sugar maple
Animal tracks in the snow, on top of a frozen stream-maybe coyote or fox
A bird-chickadee at our backyard feeder
A feather-we had a hard time finding one, so this is a turkey feather found earlier

A pinecone
Fungi on a tree
A plant with berries
We were not able to find any insects, everything was quite frozen so we couldn't turn over rocks or dig around much to look for any. We were able to hear the wind in the trees, though everyone disagreed on which direction it was coming from! And we heard several birds chirping, though the first bird we heard was a crow and the kids decided that did not count since a crow doesn't chirp!

Then we moved on to the "things to feel" section.

A smooth rock
A tree with smooth bark-at least compared to the one below!

A tree with rough bark

Something wet- a little trickling stream-and slimy-wet leaves!

We had a good time doing this, although I must admit all was not sunshine and roses. A couple of us forgot to wear gloves and were pretty well frozen by the end. Someone's snow boot got stuck in the mud and they ended up with wet feet. The smallest of us insisted on walking farther out than she could handle walking back, ignoring all advice to the contrary. The way back is always longer than the way out isn't it? So there were some tears and sitting down refusing to go on, and that sort of thing. But we made it back and there were far more positives than negatives. Next time I plan to come better prepared with extra gloves and a thermos of something hot to revive those lagging spirits!

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  1. What a great outdoor challenge! Maybe we should start doing those again...


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