Friday, February 7, 2014

Music around here lately

To go along with my art around here lately post, here is a round-up of how we have been studying music this year. It is nothing fussy or complicated, just the materials recommended in the Sonlight electives package for each of our Cores.

For Core C we are using The Classical Kids Collection which includes Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery, Mr. Bach Comes to Call, and Mozart's Magic Fantasy. I cannot recommend these CD's highly enough! Each CD consists of a story interspersed with pieces of music by the composer. The stories really seem to hold the kids' attention, while also giving background information about the composers. We used to take these along in the car, but lately my kids prefer to read in the car, so now James uses a portable CD player to listen to his CD. I scheduled these right in my instructor guide, so that we wouldn't forget to listen to them, and he listens to about one per month. We will listen to each CD twice over the course of the year.

For Core F we are using  Classics for Kids. I assign one song per week, with one week of review per month. Even then, it will only take us half-way through the Core to finish this.  I add the piece of the week to Grace and Christopher's assignment lists two days per week. They can listen while staring out the window or while working on something like handwriting, they just need to listen to it twice. Once a month, in place of an assigned piece, they choose their three favorites and listen to those for review.

So that's what we've been doing for music this year! It is certainly not as involved as some other music studies I have tried to implement, but it's getting done!

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