Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musings

***Outside my window...Okay, I am kind of over the whole snow thing now. We are looking at our third snowstorm in a week heading our way. However, it is supposed to warm up (into the 40's!) by the weekend, so there is a light at the end of the cold, snowy tunnel.

***Things I'm thinking about...Getting older. I am turning 38 years old this week. Or pushing 40, as I have been calling it. When I was much younger 40 seemed so old, but now that I am approaching it, it really doesn't seem that old at all. Funny how that works.

***Barn & garden happenings...The seeds are in. I want to try planting some cilantro indoors this week. We have been using a lot of cilantro lately, and I have heard it can grow well in a sunny window. We will see. Mostly, I am just desperate to do a little bit of gardening, I think.

***In our kitchen...I made granola bars over the weekend. They were pretty easy and fun to cook up and everyone liked them, after I dipped them in chocolate;). These are going to become a staple, I think.

  *** In our homeschool... I have decided it is time to buckle down and teach Rose how to read. We tried for awhile, but the Sonlight language arts just wasn't sinking in for her. So we are going back to the good old standard I used with the other three kids, The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading
***Creating...I finished a scarf and another dishcloth. This week I am starting a hat for myself, but first I need to figure out how to do a long-tail cast. I think a You Tube video search is in order. 

 ***Reading and watching... We are still watching the Olympics, off and on. And we have been watching Downton Abbey. I cannot believe the season is already winding down! I will definitely miss wrapping up the weekend with "my show".  Rose and I have been reading the The Quiltmaker's Gift over and over, and we both love it.

***A few plans for the week...A birthday lunch, finishing up our Six Flags reading, a cherry cheesecake pie for Washington's birthday, a weekend party, and hopefully tapping our trees for maple syrup.

 ****  Two Valentine's Day photos...because that's all I remembered to take! I really must remember to get my camera out more....

A Valentine bracelet

And a Valentine dessert

 Have a wonderful week!

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  1. We love The Quiltmaker's Gift - what a gorgeous book! And I hope the snowstorms stop soon for you.


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