Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Musings

***Outside my window...Well, there is plenty of snow, but it is still not the right sort of snow for a snowman-too dry and powdery. It's great for snow-shoeing though, and we did a lot of that over the weekend. 

***Things I'm thinking about...Exercising. I have been doing better with this lately, but it is hard to have the willpower to keep it up. I can really think of a zillion things I would rather be doing than the elliptical. I pretty much hate the elliptical. It is very good exercise though, especially now when the snowy roads aren't conducive to a good walk. I am trying to come up with some sort of exercise routine to follow, probably involving the elliptical, my exercise bike, and yoga. Yoga is my favorite by far, and Rose likes to do it with me. I don't mind the bike either because it's easy to read at the same time.

***Barn & garden happenings...I finally placed my seed order and am expecting a box this week.  Then it will be time to get everything organized and figure out what we need to start from seed and when.

***In our kitchen...Valentine's Day is this week, so we will be having our usual heart-shaped cake, for sure. I think Valentine's day dinner is going to be spaghetti and meatballs. And we always make a jelly roll on Lincoln's birthday, I can't really remember why, but we do! Perhaps something to do with Lincoln logs?

  *** In our homeschool... We are back at it after a week off. I am expecting tomorrow to be...difficult. The first day back to routine after a week off is never fun. I am planning to start working on the next Outdoor Hour Challenge to help us ease back in.  
***Creating...I am working on a scarf to give as a gift. I have never given away anything I knit before (except to my own kids!), so this is big for me.  I am following this basic pattern except where it says to knit five rows, I am only knitting two. I love how it's coming out, and wish I had taken a photo. I will when it's done, for sure.

 ***Reading and watching... I am reading The Grief of Others. And watching lots of Olympics. We love the Olympics around here. It is the only time I will have the television on much of the day, just to hear what's going on as we go in and out and about our day.

***A few plans for the week...Making Dad some peanut butter cups for Valentine's Day. Making valentines for our homeschool group card swap. A much awaited trip to the Lego store to spend some Christmas gift money. And the Great Backyard Bird Count!

 **** Growing Things....

One more amaryllis flower

Little tiny lettuce and radish plants (a science project by Rose)

Have  a great week!

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