Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In Progress

I have quite a few knitting projects lined up, which makes me happy. I need something to help me get through February, with the cold, the snow, and the sniffles that seem to take over at this time of year. Not to mention the crankiness, both mine and the kids, and the homeschool blahs that usually set in mid-month. February is also the month I lost my mom, four year ago.  It can be a tough month. Knitting is a bright spot in it, which is why I think I always find myself lining up lots of knitting projects in early February.

This is the hat I made for James. I probably should have blocked it, but I was terrified to screw it up. I am pretty happy with it as is, though. It is not a difficult pattern, but it is a little step above what I've done up until now. The pattern is from the last issue of Taproot magazine.

I put together a knitting basket over the weekend, something I have been meaning to do. This is an old basket that housed toys before I stole it from the playroom. It has a lid, which I love, since our cat loves yarn.  Everything I am working on (or planning to work on) is now in one place, right next to my favorite knitting spot in the living room.

 My yarn for the upcoming projects-happy colors for February! Plans for this yarn include a couple of dishcloths, a gift scarf, another hat, possibly a shrug, and a honey cowl.

My stash blanket, very slowly in progress. I think I can get one more row of blue before switching to a new color. This is a fun way to use up extra yarn! I cast on 220 stitches with size 11 36" circular needles, and just started knitting in garter stitch. I do not expect this to resemble a blanket for years. It is perfect for those times when I need some mindless knitting though.

 And finally, my in-progress apple dishcloth.This is the first time I have tried making a picture in knitting, and it isn't nearly as hard as I feared, as long as I can manage to keep my attention on it! I tend to only do a row or two at a time, picking it up here and there.

Well, we are under another winter storm watch for today, so I might be able to get some knitting done if the kids' activities are canceled. And now there are rumors of another, bigger snow storm for next week. At least there will be yarn to play with.


  1. I need to pick my cross-stitching project back up. It's been a week or so since I've done anything. Ah well. One day at a time. Your projects look really neat!

  2. I love cross-stitching too, but I am so slow about it. I have a project I started last summer that I work on about once a month, if that. I put it in with my knitting stuff, figuring if I see it all the time maybe I will actually do it.


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