Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Handwriting and Typing, Lately

My kids do not love handwriting. That is probably a vast understatement, but we'll just say it is not popular around here.  Rose is the only one who eagerly gets out her book and sits down quietly to do it. The boys' reaction is far, far less pleasant and not at all quiet. Unfortunately for them, they have a mother who wishes her handwriting were better and therefore wants them to have what she does not. I let Grace quit handwriting pretty early, thinking that she would get plenty of practice from writing papers, but I am sorry that I did. Her handwriting isn't nearly as neat as it was when she was doing handwriting as a subject. So the boys are going to be doing it a bit longer.

Currently, for handwriting we are using the following:

They each do one page 3-4 days per week. Normally, I would consider this to be Christopher's last year of handwriting (he's 11), but his handwriting is quite terrible and he still doesn't capitalize sentences or 'I' for some reason. So I think he will be continuing. He also needs quite a bit more practice with cursive writing. I know a lot of people say cursive isn't necessary anymore, but I still want them to be able to write in it. At the very least, I want them to be familiar enough with cursive to be able to read it when they come across it.

Rose normally does one page of handwriting two days per week. We follow the schedule Sonlight provides. I am not sure yet if I will switch her to Zaner Bloser when she finishes or continue with the italics.  I do  love the prettiness of the italics!  However, the books themselves aren't as fun and pretty as the Zaner-Bloser books. GD books are very sparse books, with a single black and white illustration on most pages. The Zaner-Bloser books are full-color and include little extras like poems, fun facts, photos, and reading suggestions. Not that any of that makes my boys leap for their books with joy, as I said earlier;). But I think Rose would get a kick out of them.

I also have two kids learning to type this year-Christopher and James. We have been using Typing Instructor, and it is very popular with both boys. I can't really provide a detailed review, because I have never sat down and tried it myself or really paid much attention to it when it was on. But I will say that their typing skills are improving, so it must be working. They love the games and they love that they can each sign in with their own account. This is one of the few subjects that I never get a complaint about!

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