Thursday, January 16, 2014

my daily chore list

I often post things on here that sound great in theory, but fail in actual practice. I guess that's life! But a few months later I am still loving my loop plan for housework. That said, I am making one change starting this week. I am going to try to commit to doing one item from the loop plan list each day, in addition to a daily chore list.  Up to now I have been kind of loose with the loop plan, fitting in chores here and there, but I find my ambition to do things goes way down in winter. If I have a free moment I do not usually want to spend it housecleaning!

Unfortunately, some cleaning is necessary to keep me feeling sane, thus the plan. I am going to do the loop item first since it is usually a bit more involved and therefore easier to "forget" about.  I find that if I get up on time I am able to finish the bulk of the housework before starting lessons. The rest fits into odd moments, when nobody is needing help with their work. There aren't too many of those moments around here!

This is my daily chore list. And this is my loop plan list, for the one item per day.  The kids help out quite a bit with the daily chores, especially with the animal chores.

My Daily Chore List

  • Make beds (the kids make their own)
  • Sweep the sitting room, kitchen, anywhere else needed
  • Vacuum area rugs in sitting room, anywhere else needed(we have a woodstove in the sitting room, which is why it needs daily floor care)
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • Quick wipe of bathroom sinks and toilets
  • Water plants as needed
  • Take vitamins
  • General tidying
  • Check for eggs
  • Rake over/fluff up chicken and goat bedding
  • Feed and water animals (dog, cat, fish, goats, poultry)
  • Check on dinner plans, do any prep work necessary
Till Next Time!!

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