Wednesday, January 1, 2014

getting back in the swing...eventually!

Happy New Year!

We are having-well, at least I am having, a hard time getting my head back into our normal routine now that the holidays are winding down. We had a nice Christmas at home this year, with family visiting. It was nice not to have to rush everyone out of the house to go visiting that day.  And everyone stayed up 'till  midnight last night-even Rose! We watched movies and played a very long game of UNO. And I knit a lot. I have been doing a lot of that, which is nice.

 In between the holidays, which is fast becoming my favorite time of the year, we spent a lot of time at home. We played games. Chinese Checkers, 10 days in Europe (and Africa!), and indoor golf were the favorites. We read a lot-everyone has been reading my new Pioneer Woman cookbook. We cooked and baked (especially on New Year's Eve). The boys built their new Lego sets and Grace did some crafting. Everyone had some new clothes and pjs to wear, which makes everything feel more festive. To break things up we also drove around to look at lights, went bowling, saw the Hobbit movie with the older kids and Frozen with the younger, and ran a few boring errands. Now we are waiting to see what we get for snow tomorrow. We had a green Christmas and the kids are anxious to do some sledding. We have not taken the tree or any of the decorations down and I still don't feel inclined to. Really, I am feeling quite lazy. I did fill out my new calendar though, and that is always a nice feeling.

I was planning on getting back to lessons tomorrow, but with the snow coming Dad may be home with us, so another day or two of holidays may be in store. I won't complain! The kids have been getting ready for 12th night, which we began celebrating a couple of years ago. I enjoy spreading out the Christmas season by celebrating days like St. Nicholas day and 12th night as well, which we put our own twist on. Our tradition on 12th night is to bake a cake for dessert-we hide a coin in the cake and whoever finds it is king or queen of 12th night! Also, everyone performs in some way. Sometimes the kids do a puppet show or skit, or they  might learn a song on the piano, read a poem, or do a magic trick. They usually get quite into this and enjoy practicing ahead of time. We also give each child three gifts (like the Magi in the story). The gifts are very simple, small things, but the kids appreciate having that to look forward to.

If nothing else, we will get back into the proper swing of things next week, hopefully! I am not feeling in any great rush right now. Just hoping it will snow enough to make snow ice cream in the next couple of days.

Till next time!

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  1. I love reading about others' traditions! Love the 12th Night cake idea. Very fun! Happy New Year!


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