Friday, January 17, 2014

Fun Friday, lately

We recently re-instituted "Fun Fridays" around here. We used to always set aside Friday as our art/history project/documentary day, but then I convinced myself we didn't have time for it anymore. Lately though, we have made Fun Fridays the rule again and it is a very welcome breath of fresh air at the end of the week. Not that I don't enjoy the rest of the week! I very much love what we are doing this year. But, it is nice to have a day that is more laid-back, where we do things all together, and where there is no math to nag about. Not that math can't be fun, of course, but we work hard on it the rest of the week, and a day off is a very wonderful thing.

On Fridays we follow this routine:

  • Spend the remainder of the morning working on whatever else we need to do, with a focus on the more fun stuff, like read-alouds, science experiments, picture study, etc. 
  • Quit early to go do something fun with our homeschool group!

One thing I really want to get back to doing is nature study, which somehow got dropped along the way. We always used to do nature journals on Friday, but now I find I don't have too much ambition for nature walks at the end of the week. A documentary where I can sit down is more my speed. 

 I am not sure how exactly we will go about it. We may try the outdoor hour challenges or go back to using The Nature Connection. Or perhaps both? I also want to do some Shakespeare with the kids. I think that would fit in well on Fridays.  Things to ponder....and post about later on.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!

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