Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chinese New Year Plans

Chinese New Year is one of those "other" holidays that we have been celebrating lately. I really enjoy finding an extra holiday or two to celebrate each month. It gives everyone something to look forward to and breaks up the routine. Also, I think it helps to keep us more in tune with the seasons, having all these little holidays and special days scattered throughout the year.

We will probably do a craft or two. I have these bookmarked as possibilities. We will definitely not do all of them!

Paper Lanterns

I always set this book out for the kids to flip through. They enjoy looking up their birth date and reading about "their" animal. There are also recipes, stories, and craft ideas. Highly recommended!

And, of course, we always make Chinese food for dinner.  On the menu: egg fried rice, dumplings (we buy pre-made ones from a local market), broccoli with oyster sauce, and possibly egg drop soup. Also, black tea, which I think is the kids' favorite part. That and the eating with chopsticks!

I have made fortune cookies the past couple of years, but I find them to be a real pain to make. Also, people tire very quickly of helping and run off to do other things, leaving me stressing over the oven alone.  This year, I think we will do these instead . I think we also have a horse-shaped cookie cutter kicking around, so horse cookies might be in order.

Finally, I stick a couple of dollars or a few quarters in a Lucky Money Envelope at each child's place. I might do chocolate coins instead this year, if I can find them.

Happy Chinese New Year!!


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you! We've done that holiday in the past, too, and I may eat Chinese for dinner, but I also may simply ignore it. Regardless, have fun with your day!

  2. What great ideas! We've never celebrated Chinese New Year, but you've inspired me. Have a fun celebration!


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