Friday, January 24, 2014

Art around here lately

I think I just need to resign myself to the fact that I am never going to do weekly reports. I always intend to, but the end of the week comes so quickly that I don't seem to find the time to write one up. And even if I did find the time to write one up, I would have a hard time remembering all the things we did. My memory is terrible. Instead, I am going to try for a weekly subject report, alternating through all of our different subjects. And this week I have a couple of art pictures, so how about an art update?

We are still using Art Lab for Kids and enjoying it. Art day is usually Friday and we simply do the next lesson in our book. We skipped over the self-portrait lesson because no one was interested, but usually most of the kids want to try the project of the week. If there are one or two who don't feel up to it, I suggest that they just paint or draw instead. I never make art mandatory. If they would rather do their reading or other work, that is totally fine by me.

One of Rose's latest creations
An Art Lab for Kids Project by Grace

The kids have also been doing some origami, inspired by our Sonlight Core F studies. We have been using  Fun and Easy Origami for this.  I like this book because it includes lots of different projects for all levels, plus it includes the origami paper.

It can feel a bit tricky at first, but anyone can learn!

Origami penguins for the piano

We have also been continuing with our picture study, usually once a week. Right now our artist is Georgia O'Keeffe. The kids take turns choosing a picture each week to discuss and then add to their binders.

Maybe next week I will do an update on our music studies. Have a wonderful weekend!

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