Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Break Plans

We decided to start our break a couple of days early. The kids were quite excited. So was I. I need a break! I took a few minutes to sit down with pen and paper and jot down some ideas, just in case anyone gets bored over the next few weeks. Then we got down to it!

This is my list.

*Work on Christmas gifts
 *Start wrapping (set up a wrapping station first!)
* Go shopping for siblings and Dad
 *Help send out holiday cards
* Make snowglobes
*Watch a Christmas video or documentary. Or Mathtacular!
*Bake something-fruitcake, jam thumbprints, gingerbread, Hershey kiss cookies-and the list goes on
*Make fudge
*Make ornaments for the back porch tree- perhaps some dipped feathers?
*Make homemade peanut butter cups for a gift
*Play outside
*Take a walk in the woods
*Bake dog biscuits
*Create mini yarn balls
*Make Christmas jam
*Dip Oreos
*Make marshmallows
*Make honey butter
*Make catnip mice for the cat's Christmas gift
*Play a game
*Make snow ice cream-if we get a big snowfall!
*Make crystal snowflakes
*Stick cloves in oranges. Hang in a window.

Now there is no way we will do everything on this list. I just like having  some ideas on hand in the event boredom strikes. So far it has not though, the kids have been perfectly happy to read, work on their Christmas gifts, and generally run amok. I must say that I am enjoying the more relaxed pace that a break brings. I actually have time to do the laundry, pick up the house, cook something decent for dinner, and not feel so rushed and pressed for time.  I tell you, you don't realize how much time lessons with the kids takes until you take a break-not that I want to stop homeschooling- I actually already kind of miss it after just a couple of days. It's just nice to have more space in the day.

I tried to get the bulk of the shopping out of the way early, and while I am by no means finished, I don't feel too rushed and stressed. Yet anyway! Tomorrow will be all about prepping for Grace's birthday. We have some snow coming over the weekend.  The kids want to plan a trip to the pet store to get our dog, cat, and fish gifts. I  have made many batches of sourdough bread lately and I want to try turning some into french toast tomorrow. I like having sourdough starter on hand, it makes me feel like a real homesteader or something. I filled up the birdfeeder, which I have been meaning to do. The birds are greatly appreciative, since it's been so very cold.

It's been a really nice past few days.


  1. Tell Grace Happy Birthday for me! It looks like you have a lot of great ideas for your winter break -- I may have to borrow some.

    I also wanted to ask you what you think of Sonlight Core F, especially since you homeschool in a secular fashion. I am really intrigued by it, at least for history/geography.Since we're kind of at loose ends, I think it is especially tempting!

  2. I am enjoying Core F. I do think it tends to include more biblical stuff than some others, but so far, at week 10, we have only skipped one book so far. We have read 1-2 of the missionary books so far and I have not had a problem with them. They include a lot of info about the country in question and have not been preachy or judgmental at all, just stories about people interacting with the local culture as they try to set up a church. The Eastern Hemisphere notebooking can get a bit much for ds10, but I just have him narrate some things to me and we do the page together. The read-alouds and readers have been great so far. I am planning to do a review of the first 12 weeks of the core once we get there. Hope this helps a little! Happy to answer any questions!

    1. Thank you so much! I really think my two might enjoy learning about the Eastern hemisphere for a change, but haven't quite decided yet. This definitely helps!


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