Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Musings

For the week of December 9th...

***Outside my window...We are supposed to be getting a good old wintry mix today. Snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Luckily we have nowhere we have to be. Seems like a good day to make marshmallows.

***Things I'm thinking about...Christmas of course. We went out and did a little shopping yesterday sans kids, so I think we are mostly done their shopping. I am trying to keep things simpler this year-no agonizing over gift decisions and we are trying to spend less too. It isn't easy to resist all the buy!buy!buy! messages, but I am trying.

***Barn & garden happenings...The ailing chicken from last week has died. Not sure what to think since that is the second from the same flock in a month. I still think it is probably worms, and that we gave her the meds too late to help. Now I am just hoping the rest of the flock is okay.

***In our kitchen... We did not make Christmas jam last week, so hopefully this week. I also really, really want to make some cinnamon honey butter. This recipe is designed for gift-giving but I try to avoid giving gifts that need refrigeration right away-too much hassle. So we will make it for ourselves;).
 *** In our homeschool... We will be wrapping up some stuff before our Christmas break starts Friday. Tops on the list is finishing The Story of Us, because we have only one episode left! I have Mankind: The Story of All of Us lined up to go next and I suspect we will watch it over break. It is available on Netflix.

  ***Creating...I am halfway done with Rose's poncho. The girls made snowglobes last week, the boys will get a turn this week. We also have supplies to make glitter light bulb ornaments. And I think Rose really must make a hand and foot print reindeer this season.

***Reading and watching... We watched The Muppet Christmas Carol over the weekend. I love this movie so much! I am reading Blame, and lots of Christmas picture books.

***A few plans for the week....Grace's birthday! We are going to have an official teenager in the house! Time flies, doesn't it? I am a little overwhelmed at the thought. I have been sifting through old photos to put together a slideshow for her birthday and, wow. Thirteen years is a long time, and a short time, all at the  same time.

****A weekend photo....The view at my favorite Christmas tree farm, where we spent Saturday morning picking out the perfect one.

Hope you have a great week!

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