Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Musings

For the week of December 2nd
Outside My Window...Frozen ground, frozen grass, frozen garden. Everything out there is frozen, hard, and crunchy. No real snow yet, though.

Things I'm Thinking About...A December rhythm and routine, one that allows time to keep up with the holiday to-do list and some of our lessons, plus do all those fun December things we have planned...all without feeling totally disorganized and chaotic. A tall order, perhaps?

Barn & Garden Happenings...We have one ailing chicken right now. She has no obvious signs of illness, she just tends to sit around a lot and has a very pale comb.  My best guess is worms, which we have never had a problem with so far, but nothing else seems to fit.  The local farm store gal agrees, so we wormed them this weekend and gave them some vitamins in their water. Unfortunately, the ailing chicken is not bouncing back yet.

In Our Kitchen... This week is all about starting the Christmas cooking. On the list is peppermint bark, Christmas jam, and snowball cookies. I am aiming for a-cookie-a-week this month. More if we have time.
 In Our Homeschool... We are going to do our Eating the Plates recipes today. Many of our plans from last week got bumped due to the little stomach bug we had going around. It turned out to be very mild and did not interfere with Thanksgiving, thankfully! Other than that, I am debating when we should break for Christmas!

 Creating...The poncho for DD5 is going well, it is a super simple pattern, which is about all I can handle right now! We started a little Christmas crafting over the weekend. I love Christmas crafting and have about a zillion plans for little things to do. I'll share some of our projects later in the week.

Reading and Watching... We watched our first Christmasy movie over the weekend, Home Alone. Lots more to come. I love Christmas movies! We got out the stack of Christmas books over the weekend, and my little one sat for a long time poring over them all. I expect I will be reading quite a few this week and I am really looking forward to it.

Hope you have a great week!

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