Sunday, December 22, 2013

getting ready

I really intended to post more than just once last week, but time got away from me...and now here it is the 22nd already, which I can hardly believe. We have a had a busy, but good, time the last few days-wrapping, crafting, making presents, watching Christmas movies, eating too much junk (!), catching up on some things, visiting with family, shopping (but I am glad that is done!), and just generally puttering around. I am looking forward to some nice days at home- finishing up a few things, hosting family visits, and then hopefully relaxing! Some photos from the last few days...

Our "elves on the shelves" making french toast one morning. We don't own a "real" elf on the shelf, but my kids have been hiding Yukon and the spotted elephant around in different places for us to find each morning. They have a lot of fun with it.

 Christmas jam-it came out really well-and it so pretty!

 Love the moments when I spot a kid or two (with or without the cat!) sitting by the tree.

 The felt owls Grace and I made. They are by no means perfect, but we are very happy with them! The pattern is from Fa la la la Felt.

Moon through the trees. And the tree we set up on the porch. I love coming in from doing outdoor chores when the house is all lit up.

 Another "elf on the shelf" shenanigan. This time, the spotted elephant is making himself a pair of underwear!

 And this time, Yukon is taking a photo of the spotted elephant with Mr. Potato Head!

Two of the amaryllis we planted bloomed just in time for Christmas. The other two are a little slow.

 And finally, my favorite new Christmas decoration, inspired by one of the kids' favorite movies, Home Alone. The printable is here:).

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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