Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Crafting

I am declaring this the year of the Christmas craft and we have a really  big line-up of things we want to do. I really love crafting. Christmas crafts especially. Here are a few I have been working on, with the help of Grace.

A garland for the mantel.

It's just paper straws and wooden beads strung on twine. It's one of those crafts that is so stupidly simple you wonder why you needed a website to tell you how to do it.... but it looks so very festive when strung up. My favorite kind of craft, really.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I first saw this idea, so I can't give credit where credit is due, but all you do is cut the straws, gather some beads, and string it all together. We used a plastic needle for ease of threading.

I love it.

Also we had a little wreath making day. I am loving The Paper Mama blog right now. So many good ideas! And most of them are easy!

We made the polka dot wreath.

And the burlap wreath.

And we couldn't resist this cute terrarium either, since we had leftover moss from the wreath and a terrarium that just happened to be sitting around, uninhabited.

These pictures are not great. It's hard to photograph a terrarium! But this was such a sweet and fun project and looks much nicer in person, I promise. It's like a perfect little world under glass.

Next we are going to try some snow globes and get the tree. And in honor of St. Nicholas day the kids will find candy tucked inside their shoes this morning. We started doing this last year when we were doing a Christmas Around the World study and the kids requested that it become tradition.

Have a wonderful, festive weekend!

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