Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Unit

Our "Thanksgiving School" Plans
Our Primary Sources

Eating the Plates-  A new-to-us-this-year book that looks really fun!

1621: A New Look At ThanksgivingI have this on hand, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. It is supposed to present a more balanced and accurate view of the first Thanksgiving. Nice photographs.

Both of the above books include a few traditional (but modernized!) Thanksgiving recipes. I am planning to ask each kiddo to choose a recipe they want to try and we will set aside an afternoon to cook and eat.

Other Books to Enjoy

If You Sailed on the Mayflower

If You Were There at the First Thanksgiving-These two "If You Were There" books are packed with info.

P is for Pilgrim: A Thanksgiving Alphabet- I have this out of the library, but I think I will be purchasing it for next year! A beautifully illustrated book that can be read on lots of different levels. 

The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving 

The Thanksgiving Story 

Samuel Eaton's Day and Sarah Morton's Day-These are old favorites around here. Imagine a photographer following a typical pilgrim boy and girl throughout a typical day.                

Picture Books to Enjoy

The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin

Cranberry Thanksgiving-this is also a Five in a Row selection, so we will be "rowing" this book too, and making the cranberry bread recipe it includes!

The Magic School Bus at the First Thanksgiving 

Hands-on Activities & Crafts

Sourdough Science -start three days ahead!
Make Butter in a Jar
Paper Doll Pilgrims and Native Americans

Educational Clicking

You are the Historian

Talk Like a Pilgrim

Thanksgiving Virtual Field Trips

Does Eating Turkey Make You Sleepy?

To Watch

Desperate Crossing-available on Netflix
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

And of  course, we will continue our gratitude chain.

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

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