Monday, November 25, 2013

Outside My Window...It is cold. Really, really cold. And windy. We had our first real snow over the weekend, enough to stick to the ground and make the roads just a little slick. That first snow is so pretty and so amazing, even when you know you will be entirely sick of the stuff in just a few weeks.

Things I'm Thinking About...Priorities. I sat down and made up my holiday to-do list. I am sure it will get added to over time. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas feels extra short this year. Pondering how to get the things done that need doing, yet keep things peaceful. I do love a peaceful December.

Barn & Garden Happenings..The garden is officially put to bed, except for mulching the garlic, which I will do this week. Everything that was left got yanked out and tossed, except for the kale, which I am attempting to extend a bit with little hoop houses, and a cold frame which has some Swiss chard in it. My little one sprinkled scratch all over for the chickens to encourage them to hang out, turn over the dirt, eat any leftover pests, and fertilize the place. They are taking their job quite seriously.

In Our Kitchen...We will be having Thanksgiving away from home, but plan to do our own Thanksgiving the day after, per tradition.  The kids like helping with the planning and cooking, and we experiment with new side dishes every year. We also get all the leftovers to ourselves;).
 In Our Homeschool... It will be a light week. Cranberry Thanksgiving (FIAR) will be the priority of the week. I want to finish Eating the Plates and try out some of the recipes. And we will do whatever we can from this list.

 Creating...My hat failed for a second week in a row. I must have twisted the stitches when I joined them to knit in the round, because it started getting all wonky on me. I am no Martha Stewart, that's for sure! I am taking a break from it and trying a poncho for DD5.

Reading and Watching... We are watching Desperate Crossing later today. DS8 and I have started reading through The Story of the World before bed. I love having a history buff in the house.

Hope you have a great week!

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