Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Loop Plan For Housework

We used to have a loop plan for homeschooling, and it worked well, until we scaled back to doing mostly Sonlight, where we pretty much just do the next thing. I have been thinking for awhile about setting up a loop plan for housework.  It is such a busy time of year (what time of year isn't, I'd like to know?) and I do not find it easy to get the housework done on top of homeschooling, cooking, chauffeuring, laundry, holiday stuff, etc..

I have always tried to follow a weekly routine, with different chores slotted on different days. That worked well for quite awhile, but things are only getting busier as the kids get older, and I was always "behind" on housework with that plan.

 So I sat down a few weeks ago and came up with a loop plan for housework. It is basically a list of what needs doing every week. We also have a separate daily chore list which includes general tidying, sweeping, wiping down the bathrooms, laundry, feeding the animals, and making the beds. The loop is for all that "other stuff", and it gets done in spare moments here and there.

 If I am super quick, this list may take only a week to get done, but most of the time it takes two. Or even more, if you want total honesty! But it doesn't seem to make much of an effect on things around here, to not have them done exactly every seven days. And the nice thing is that I am never really behind! I always just do the next thing.

My loop plan for housework & some animal chores

  • Dust downstairs rooms
  • Water indoor plants
  • Rake goat pen
  • Vacuum downstairs
  • Vacuum car
  • Clean out purse
  • Scrub a chicken waterer
  • Wash floors
  • Dust bedrooms
  • Vacuum bedrooms
  • Straighten a closet
  • Change sheets-except I always do this on Thursdays!
  • Clean downstairs bathroom
  • Clean upstairs bathroom
  • Scrub duck or goat pails
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean chicken & duck coops

I really like this method, because I am never really behind on things. I just cross out what I get to and when I have time or energy to clean, I do the next thing on the list. I certainly don't make it through this list in one week and am lucky if I make it through in two. Still, it seems to keep things clean enough. I do have to deviate from the list occasionally, if the floors are looking too dirty or the chicken coop really needs cleaning and can't wait. Otherwise, though, it is a simple matter of moving along to the next thing.

Till Next Time!


  1. I love this idea! Totally stealing it ;)

  2. What a great idea! I've never seen this before but I'm thinking it could work really well. Thanks for posting this! Cathy

  3. Glad it helps:). I am really loving it because I just do what I can when I can without any thought about what should be getting done or getting behind.


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