Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Five in a Row: The Story About Ping

DD5 and I just finished "rowing" our first Five in a Row selection....The Story About Ping. We had so much fun with this! I was afraid it would feel like too much to do both Sonlight and FIAR, but some days we did a little of each, some days we did  just FIAR,and other days just Sonlight.  And it worked out great. We rowed this book over two weeks.

Here's what we did.

Our Story About Ping Adventure

  • We read the book each day. 

  • She colored the story disk and placed it on the map each day. She already knew where China was, because her older sibs are geography buffs:).

  • We started a binder to keep all her FIAR stuff in. I was inspired by the lap journals on this blog to use page protectors for our sheets.  I think this will  make the finished binder much nicer for her to flip through.  Many of our printouts are Fold & Learn pages from the FIAR website. You can get links to them (they are free) by subscribing to their blog. 

  • She colored the Chinese flag. We decided that we would hang all completed flags in her room, so I strung up some twine along one wall. 
  • We did most of the discussions in the manual. Some were things that would have gone right over her head, so we skipped around a bit. We added in a couple of non-fiction library books about ducks, plus Angus and the Ducks, which she loved. 
  • And of course, we have our own ducks to observe! We have 2 Cayugas, 2 Welsh Harlequins, and 2 Blue Swedish. Even though it is dark November as I write this and our chickens have long since stopped laying, we still get four eggs a day from our ducks. DD5 has the job of collecting them every afternoon. 

  •  We discussed the art in the book, as per the manual, but she wasn't interested in trying any of the art activities, like drawing water, so we skipped those. We can always do this book again when she is older. She did enjoy playing with these little guys

  • We counted up Ping's family using tally marks and a sheet found here
  • We did the buoyancy experiment from the manual. The download above has a great sheet for this, and she had a lot of fun guessing if things would sink or float, then trying them out to see!
  • We did an oil and water experiment with paper ducks. She painted one duck with oil, then used an eyedropper to drop water on both ducks. The duck with the oil coating repelled the water much better.

And we made a Chinese dinner using the recipes in the FIAR cookbook. Everything came out great. She liked folding the egg rolls best.

I can't believe how easy egg rolls are to make! I don't usually care for egg rolls, but I ate two of these and could have eaten more! It was a nice end to the book study.

Our next book is How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.

Till Next Time!

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  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun with Ping! It is one of my kids fav. books as well.


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