Friday, November 22, 2013

Five in a Row: How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World is one of my all-time favorite picture books. DD5 and I just finished rowing this book, our second FIAR book to date.

Here's what we did...

Our How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World Adventure

  • We read the book each day.
  • She colored the story disk and we moved it around to a different featured country each day. At least that was the idea, but I confess we forgot the disk after the third day, so it never got further than Sri Lanka! We had a nice discussion about the different illustrations for the different countries. Lots of fun details to look for!

  • She also colored a disk for the Indian Ocean.

She chose the flag of Sri Lanka to color and add to her flag collection. What a cool flag!

  • We played a little memory game and matched modes of transportation with the country they were used in. These printables are from a FIAR Fold & Learn, available free to subscribers of the FIAR blog.

 She painted a street scene, just like in the book.

  • We discussed the life cycle of an apple, using these cards.

  •  We did the salt water evaporation experiment from the manual.

  •  It took over a week for the water to evaporate, but she checked patiently every day. Finally, we were left with a lovely batch of crystals, which were fun to look at under the microscope. 

  • We played another memory game by matching ingredients to the country where they were found. 

  • We had many great discussions about food safety, travel, subtraction, and liquid and dry measures, to name a few. There are lots of little conversation starters in the manual.

  •  We had an apple tasting. We took a trip to the store and got a few Cortlands, Pink Ladies, Golden Delicious, and one other type that escapes my mind. She liked the Pink Lady best, I think because of the name:).
  • And of course we baked an apple pie. Two actually, because one apple pie doesn't go far in this house!

That was fun! Now we are onto Cranberry Thanksgiving. 

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