Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A week in photos

A few highlights from the week of November 4th, 2013, though I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to! 

Besides the photos, I am planning to focus these weekly reports on just one subject per week.  Mostly because I have a hard time remembering everything we did, but also because the report would be very long for four kids! Probably you would fall asleep reading it. Also, I might fall asleep writing it. 

So this week, underneath the photos, you will find a little update on books we are enjoying in our homeschool right now. 

Also-disclaimer-this report does not include the times last week that I..

  • Had a child lying on the floor insisting the science questions were impossible
  • Reminded a certain child that throwing pencils and crumpling paper is NOT a reasonable way to deal with math frustration
  • Sent someone upstairs both to cool off and because I just  needed them to be away before I started saying things I would likely regret later
  • Had to search the house for ten minutes just to find ONE pencil. Seriously? Where do they all go?
Okay, now that you know that we did NOT have a perfect week- we never do, really!-on to the weekly report....

DD5 hard at work on a Getty-Dubay Book A page.

A Sonlight Core C spelling list by DS8. We are using SL Language Arts this year for him and I am pretty happy with it so far. Each week he has a list of words to spell. I read the words and he writes them on the white board. He is frequently asked to alphabetize them, but since he still struggles a bit with the act of writing, I let him number them in order.

 Candles on the dinner table. One of the benefits of it getting dark so early.

 DD5 is starting out with Sonlight's Fun Tales (beginning readers, like BOB books). Her first book is Pam. She is very proud of being able to read a book. She is funny though, she often sounds a word out perfectly but then doesn't make the connection that what she sounds out IS the word! So I frequently get something like this:

Her: "Buh-Aaah-Tuh......"

(pauses while studying the drawing of Pam batting the ball)

Me: "Good! So what word is that?"

Her: "Homerun?"

So cute:).

Ice cream pie is a truly awesome way to use up excess Halloween candy, by the way.

DS8 marked out the routes of some of the early explorers on our markable map. I want to get in the habit of using this more for our map exercises.

Rain gauge by DS8, a Sonlight Science C experiment. It is just a two-liter bottle cut in half, with the top flipped upside down in the bottom. Unfortunately we have not gotten much rain since he set it up!

Want to know what we've been reading?

 For Core F, we started reading The Master PuppeteerDD12 started Born in the Year of Courage and DS10 finished up with The Kite FightersBedtime reading with DD12 is still Harry Potter and for DS10 The Lord of the Rings.

For Core C, we are reading The Cricket in Times Square (love this book so much!) and DS8 is reading McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm. Bedtime reading with him is The Five Children and It.

For Core P 4/5 we are still very much enjoying Uncle Wiggily and The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book. Bedtime reading for DD5 is Little House on the Prairie.

And I think next week we will share a bit about our history studies of late.

 Till Next Time!

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  1. Contextual reading skills, love it! [laughing] B-A-T = Homerun. Thanks for the giggle, and keep up the great work.



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