Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Professor Noggin Games: A Little Review

Last week I posted about how our family is going to try to do "Fun Fridays" instead of doing our usual schoolwork on Fridays. I had a plan all laid out. Naturally, we didn't follow it;).

We watched an episode of The Story of Us as planned, but instead of playing Moneywise Kids, we played Professor Noggin's Creatures of Myth & Legend.  And then, since it was cloudy and cool and we were feeling lazy, we watched another episode of The Story of Us instead of doing nature study. We had a lot of fun though, so I consider it a first Fun Friday success story!

But back to Professor Noggin, which was the whole point of this post. We love, love, love these games in our household. They really are the perfect little add-on, fun homeschool activity. They are cheap (about $8 per game from Rainbow Resource Center), good for a variety of ages, fairly quick to play, and very educational!

There are several Professor Noggin titles, so it is easy to pick one that matches up with your current study (my favorite way to use them). We currently own Creatures of Myth & Legend, Ancient Civilizations, Dinosaurs, Earth Science, Outer Space, and Wildlife Safari. I am planning to get the kids each a new one for Christmas.

These games are super simple to play. You get a die and a deck of cards with a colorful illustration on one side and six questions on the back. There are three "easy" questions and three "hard" questions. Younger kids can play with the easy questions, while older kids and adults try the harder ones. This levels the playing field. When we play with Rose (5), I often ask the older kids to make her question multiple choice. It really makes them think.... and it gives her a better chance at a correct answer.

To play, you just roll the die and read the corresponding question to the person next to you.  If they get it right, they get the card. If not, the card goes back in the pile. Play proceeds around the table until all the cards are taken. Whoever has the most cards at the end is the winner.

Another really awesome thing about these games is that you can play them anywhere- around the table, on the floor, while sitting on the couch, etc.. They are great for travel too, because they take up so little room in a suitcase. 

Yeah, I really love these games, even though I almost never win. 

Till Next Time!

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  1. I should get some of those... I like the idea of them as Christmas gifts!


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