Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Teacher Bag

I spent some time during our long weekend setting up my new teacher's bag and I am pretty darn excited about it. It is so nice to have a portable place to put everything!

I am using a Thirty-One organizing utility tote with a file folder box insert for my bag. I love the pattern! I can keep the bag on the counter (which serves as my "command center" during lesson time), or carry it room to room as needed. I think it will also be great for schooling outdoors:)

 There are several outside pockets, which are great for organizing all those little things I always seem to need.  I have a stapler in one pocket....

And pencils, pens, and highlighters in another....

There are more pockets on the back, but I haven't come up with anything to fill them yet! I am sure that will change over time. There are also bigger mesh pockets on each side. This side holds Rose's special pencils, a ruler, and a calculator....

 I don't have anything in the other big mesh pocket yet. But it would be a great place to stash a water bottle. Or a tube of hand cream! My hands get so dry in the winter-time!

A file box for hanging file folders fits right inside. So far I have file folders for Latin and logic printouts, Math Mammoth sheets, Eastern Hemisphere Notebook pages (Sonlight Core F), and TOPS experiment sheets.


Best of all, I have a place to keep all of my answer keys....

I really love this bag! It makes me happy every morning when I see it. It's nice to have a little extra motivation to get started in the morning!

Till Next Time!

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