Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Musings

For the week of October 28th, 2013

Outside My Window...The leaves are dwindling very quickly, on the trees at least! On the ground there are still plenty. But I really love how the yard looks this time of year-if I can look past all the mess!-because once the leaves are down we have a really nice view of the wooded hills behind the house. I think I could just sit and look out at those hills for hours and it would be the best afternoon!

Things I'm Thinking About...Halloween of course. Also, taking pictures, which happily I have been doing a lot more of- but now I am debating ways to organize them. Regular photo album, photo book, Project Life?

On the Farm..The peppers are officially out of the garden. This week's project, if I can find the time, is going to involve spreading fallen leaves over any empty beds. I have garlic to plant, but I think I will hold off another week or two.

In Our Kitchen....We have been doing lots of Halloween-themed things, at the kids' request. This week they want to make mini pumpkins and rotten apple punch.
 In Our Homeschool... We are going to finish rowing The Story About Ping this week and then make a Chinese meal to celebrate. We will also do a few more activities from our Halloween Unit list. 

Creating....I finished my afghan! I am so excited because this thing took me about five years to make! It was not the most interesting project in the world, I will admit, which is probably why I kept stopping and switching to quicker things. I did take pictures, but they will have to wait till later since I am too tired to get up and get the camera!

Reading and Watching... We watched another episode of The Story of US, which is becoming part of our Friday routine. Rose and I have been reading Farmer Boy. I have been reading back issues of one of my most favorite magazines, Country Living. I have gotten way behind on my magazine reading and I just find this one so relaxing and fun.

Plans For the Week Ahead...Still dealing with Rose's hives. Really hoping this week will see the end of them. What else? Bobbing for apples. Finding that new knitting project. Shopping for winter coats and for shoes for various kids. Starting to plan for some fun stuff for Thanksgiving. Trying to get 10,000 steps a day on my fitbit zip (love this thing!).

Hope you have a great week!

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