Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Musings

For  the week of October 7th, 2013

Outside My Window...It's been raining the past few days and more rain is coming today. I don't really mind. There is something relaxing about rain, even though we have been driving, driving, and oh, yeah...driving most of the past few days instead of curling up at home.

 Things I'm Thinking About...I made a master to-do list on a yellow legal pad. It is three pages long. Ouch. I have been trying to write down all those little niggling to-do's as soon as they pop up. It helps to know that, even though there are many things that need doing, I don't need to waste brain space remembering that they need doing.

In My Garden...I have pulled out most of the tomato plants. This week I plan to cut down all the kale. There are way too many caterpillars in it, and I think it will regrow just fine if I cut all the leaves off. We plan to cover it for winter and see how long we can keep it going.  

In the Barnyard... Overdue on the chicken coop cleaning once again. There is just not enough time in the day! We have been getting lots of duck eggs lately, but not so many chicken eggs. We tried boiling duck eggs for the first time and they actually came out pretty good. We boiled them just the same as the chicken eggs, but the yolks didn't dry out as much. They are very rich though!

In Our Kitchen....I never got around to making my cider donuts last week. Maybe this week? The kids have been making a long list of Halloween treats, inspired by a Halloween issue of Family Fun magazine, so we may try to get in one or two this week.

 In Our Homeschool... Teaching Textbooks is installed and ready to go, so we will try it out this week.  I am debating a new approach to math for Rose's kindergarten year. Singapore Essentials started out great, but lately it just feels way too workbooky and not all that interesting.

Creating.....I have decided I am finished making squares for my afghan. I've been working on this thing for at least four years now, off and on, and between other things. I am hoping to weave in all the ends this week and possibly start stitching all the squares together.

Reading and Watching...I am finishing up Little House in the Big Woods with Rose, and she and I have really enjoyed it. Without the kids, we have been watching Once Upon a Time.

Plans For the Week Ahead...Helping a family member move, lots of dentist appointments, and a couple of bookclub meetings for the kids.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Curious about the donuts... do you have a recipe you could share? I love duck eggs, especially in baking. That richness is awesome in baked goods!

    Have a good week!

  2. We are going to try this recipe:


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