Monday, October 14, 2013

For  the week of October 14th, 2013

Outside My Window...It has been so warm lately! Not at all like our typical October. This week looks to be much of the same. There are plenty of fallen leaves all over. Thinking it is time the kids raked up a big pile to play in.

 Things I'm Thinking About...Living in the moment. I am not really looking forward to this week, and that is kind of depressing. Last week was very, very busy, and this week is going to be no different. It gets to the point where I really need to not think ahead, even though I am a planner by nature. Instead, I just need to take it day by day and try not to think about what lies ahead. Easier said than done, but this will be a good week to practice in.

In My Garden...I had the kids cut back much of the kale over the weekend, but I need to go out and finish up. Our nasturtiums did wonderfully this year and they are still going strong. We had lots of them in our salads this week. I need to make some notes about what to grow next year while things are fresh in my mind. Nasturtiums definitely. Winter squash, not so much. Despite my efforts it isn't storing at all well, plus it took up a lot of space and attracted a lot of squash bugs.

In the Barnyard... Still no eggs from the new chickens. At this point they may not lay until spring, though I have not totally given up hope on at least a small winter egg supply. But we are definitely back to buying a couple dozen eggs from the grocery each week.

In Our Kitchen....Grace made the cider donuts and they were so good! Really, they were just as good as the ones we get from the nearby shop, and they were super easy to make. I am hoping she makes another batch this week. We are going to kick off our Halloween treat-making this week with Skeleton Cupcakes.

 In Our Homeschool... I was debating a new approach to Rose's math last week, but I have decided that Singapore Essentials will do for now. We had not been doing the hands-on activity listed at the bottom of each SE sheet, because I basically forgot about it. Last week, I took the time to do that activity with her and math time was actually fun.  In other kindergarten news, I have decided to put my copies of Five in a Row to use and "row" a few books with Rose. I am going to work on planning our first book this week. I ordered the Five in a Row cookbook to go along, because she loves to help cook. We did FIAR years ago, but it's been awhile. I am really looking forward to it!

Creating.....I am working on stitching my afghan together now. I cannot wait to see it all done. Hopefully this week! I am also tweaking our Halloween Unit, which we are starting to do bits and pieces of.

Reading and Watching...James and I have been reading The Five Children and It at bedtime. One of my all time favorite kids' books.

Plans For the Week Ahead...I am solo parenting most of the week, due to a business trip. I am getting tired just thinking about it! Rose is headed in for her check-up. James has to have a couple of teeth pulled. Field trip Friday. And lots of the usual activities in between. Hoping to find a few pockets here and there to relax!

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Solo parenting is hard, especially when there is so much going on!

    We loved Five Children & It. Nesbit is one of my favorite authors ever! And the donut recipe looks great, so now I've added a donut pan to my Amazon wish list. Cassia loves cooking too, and since we'll be going through the Little House books, I'm glad I have the Little House cookbook on hand!

    Have a good week!


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