Thursday, October 17, 2013

Five in a Row with Sonlight

I have had Five in a Row volumes 1-3 sitting idly on the closet shelf ever since Grace and Christopher finished with them years ago. James never really got into FIAR, so I guess I just kind of forgot I even had the books, until I cleaned out that closet the other day.

What a nice surprise to realize I can do this program all over again with Rose! Grace and I especially enjoyed doing FIAR together, and I think Rose will love it, too. I am very much looking forward to starting. This is truly one of the blessings of multiple kids. Homeschooling several kids is not easy-but it is so nice to be able to re-live and repeat all that fun stuff. 

We will definitely be continuing with Sonlight's Core P 4/5. FIAR will just be added in whenever and wherever it works. We usually fly through a week of P 4/5 readings in just a couple of days, but the Language Arts K is much slower going and usually takes us a whole week to get through.  Adding in FIAR should help fill out our week. 

How exactly am I planning to combine FIAR and Sonlight? Well, I don't really know yet. I think it will involve "rowing" a FIAR book over two weeks instead of one. Perhaps doing three days of Sonlight and two days of FIAR one week, and then three days of FIAR and two days of Sonlight the next.

There is much more about how we are using Core P 4/5 here

And here is what we will add....

FIAR volumes 1-3


I ordered the Five in a Row Cookbook too, because my girl loves to help cook. This is one of the parts I am most excited about!

Five in a Row Cookbook | Main photo (Cover)

I chose not to order the story disks. We did have them the first time around, but they are mostly lost by now. This time around we will color our own disks, using the ones provided in the back of each FIAR manual.

Also,  FIAR now offers free Fold N'Learns (printables for lapbooks and such) to subscribers of their blog. I downloaded the first couple and they look like a great addition.

We are going to start with The Story About Ping, because it takes place in China, which Grace and Christopher have been studying. In fact our current read-aloud for Core F is Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze.  I think Rose will get a kick out of her book taking place on the Yangtze too. She is always listening in:).  The Story About Ping, How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, and Cranberry Thanksgiving will be our first three books.

My original plan was to use only the suggestions from FIAR for each book. I was not going to plan anything else, to keep things simple. But then I discovered The Delightful Learning FIAR Blogroll. And oh, my goodness! There are so many people doing so many FUN things for FIAR that I could not resist planning some extra stuff too;).

I hope to post our first row-with links and pictures-in the next few weeks.

Till next time!

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