Thursday, September 26, 2013

Preparing for the National Mythology Exam

We signed up for the National Mythology Exam a couple of weeks ago and I am pretty excited about it....the kids are too! All three older kids will be doing it, so I ordered three exams. We considered doing the Exploratory Latin Exam as well but decided not to, at least this year. We also decided to skip the teaching packets offered on the NME site.  Reviews of the packets seemed to be pretty mixed, and I figured we might just as well save the money and try it without them first. If we feel lost, we can always order them later. I will be ordering some of the books from the bibliography to help the kids prepare.

 d'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths serves as the main "spine" to prepare for both the basic 30-item exam and the 10-item theme section. This year's theme is Transformations. We already own this book and it is well-loved. James (3rd grade) will be doing only the 30-item basic exam, while Christopher (5th grade) will be doing the basic exam plus the theme section.

The Myths of Greece and Rome is suggested for more advanced students to prepare for both the basic exam and the theme section.  Grace (7th grade) will be using this along with d'Aulaires' to prepare for the basic test and the theme section.

Grace is also required to choose at least one subtest. She chose Norse mythology, for which she will use d'Auliares' Book of Norse Myths

 The deadline for registering for the National Mythology Exam is January 15th, 2014. The exam is supposed to be administered between February 24th 2014 and March 7th 2014.

Click here for an update on how we are preparing!


  1. Both my kids are doing the exam this year too - Cyrus enjoyed it so much last year! He still has to decide on his sub-test... he did Norse last year, so I don't know if he'll do that again or not. Thanks for the reminder to register!

  2. I am usually way behind on these things-last year by the time I thought of it it was over! So this year I am trying to be more on the ball:)


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