Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Weekly Routine

This was the first week to include all our extracurricular activities, plus a full week of  homeschooling. I think it went pretty well. I spent some time tweaking our routine and we ended up switching a couple of activities around to streamline things, but the week seemed pretty do-able. Hopefully I will feel the same next week!

 I always find it interesting to read about other people's weekly routines, so I am posting mine here for posterity. We have managed to keep our scheduled activities to three days per week, with two days (plus the weekend) to use however we like.

  • 4 hours of lessons
  • Free afternoon/outing, depending on our mood
If we are home, I plan to use the afternoon to focus on those farm chores that tend to get pushed aside-scrubbing out water buckets, cleaning chicken coops, working in the garden, etc..The trick is finding the energy and willpower to get out there after a full morning of work with the kids. It is not easy!

  • 4 hours of lessons
  • Out for 3 hours (extracurriculars)
  • Once a month, the kids have an evening bookclub to attend

  • 3 hours of lessons
  • Out for 4 hours (library trip & extracurriculars)

  • 4 hours of lessons
  • Free afternoon or outing
If we are home, this will become the "catch up on housecleaning & to-do list" time

  • 3 hours of lessons
  • Out all afternoon & evening (homeschool group & extracurriculars)


Some Saturdays we will have extracurricular-related stuff going on, but mostly our weekends this year are shaping up to be low-key affairs, which is nice for a change. I am looking forward to being able to get out and do some fun stuff as a family, or just hang out at home.

The week actually looks more overwhelming when I write it all out than it does when I am actually doing it. I did what I could to limit the extracurriculars, but it's tough with four kids. I am really hoping that it all feels okay as we go along. 

Till Next Time!

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