Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Fridays

I  have been getting a bit nostalgic this week,thinking about how homeschooling used to be when the kids were younger. We played more games, took nature walks, read books about whatever seemed interesting that day, did lots of seasonal crafts, and just generally explored the world in a very laid-back way.  When the first couple kids were school-aged we reserved Friday as "Fun Friday": the day we did art, worked on history projects, and took a nature walk. It was a nice end to a busy week and we all looked forward to it.

It occurred to me today that we can, and should, still have those Fun Fridays! Not that our other days aren't fun, of course, but the idea is to shake things up, to have a day that feels like a break from routine. Not to mention a reward for all our hard work Monday-Thursday!

 My first thought was to have the kids choose what they wanted to do each Friday-kind of a free-for-all. But that actually seems more stressful than having a simple plan laid out, since I am sure everyone will want to do something different. And really, the rest of the week is all about everyone working on their own, with me, or in pairs. So Friday seems like a good day for us all to learn together. 

Our First Fun Friday plan is as follows.....

  • Watch a documentary/educational film:  I think we will try The Story of Us, which we have had for years but have never gotten around to watching. 
America: The Story of Us DVD

  • Play an educational game: I have had Moneywise Kids sitting on the shelf forever.
  • Take a nature walk and work on our Nature Connection books, which we started last year but haven't returned to.,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

If this is a success, I plan on getting the kids input on what they would like to do on subsequent Fridays. 

Till Next Time!

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