Thursday, September 5, 2013

Exams, Contests, and More for Homeschooling

In addition to trying to add more fun learning to our homeschool this year, we are going to be participating in some exams and contests. I am always seeing neat ideas and links on forums and blogs, but we rarely take the time to actually do them. The nice thing about these activities is that they are low cost or free and they don't involve driving anywhere, unlike our other activities- a win, win! I am hoping to add to this list and would love to hear other ideas!

The National Mythology Exam

This looks super cool and we plan to sign up this week. My older three are all going to do it and have been debating the merits of taking the extra sub-tests. Grace, at 12, is required to take one subtest, for the boys it is optional. I have no personal experience with this exam, but there is a lot of information on it over at The Well Trained Mind forum, which is where I first heard of it. The kids are mostly excited about the prospect of getting a medal:).

The National Latin Exam

We are debating this one. Grace may try the "Intro" exam this year, or we may wait until next year. She thinks the other levels look too hard for right now. ETC runs a Latin exam in addition to the Mythology exam above, so we may try that instead.

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program

We did this last year and I was surprised by how much the kids enjoyed it. They asked to sign up again this year and I am even debating doing it myself. If you aren't familiar with Nano, the idea is that you spend the month of November writing a novel or story. It is great for establishing a daily writing habit and really sparks the old imagination. There is info on the website to help kids figure out how many words to write each day.

Mensa Excellence in Reading Award Program

Another new to us program. Kids complete a reading list-which looks quite challenging-and then they can get a t-shirt. I like this one because even kindergartners can participate and books read aloud count!

Becoming a Certified Wildlife Habitat

This is not an exam or contest, but it looks fun and educational anyway.

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  1. Both my kids want to participate in the National Mythology Exam this year, especially since Cyrus got a silver medal last year! Definitely going to check out the wildlife habitat link, and I think Cyrus might enjoy NaNoWriMo this year too!

  2. Awesome:). I am glad to know someone else who has done it! My kids are very excited about it!


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