Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Few Little Reviews

We are a few weeks in, so I thought I'd share some things we have been enjoying in our homeschool this year.

Art Lab for Kids is our main art project book this year. I aim to do one project per week from this book, though we don't always get to it. When we do, this book is a great companion. Each project includes a materials list, an example or two of student art, a description of the method, tips, and some helpful background material. We have been doing some neat projects! One week we made scratch art by coloring a piece of white cardstock with bright crayons, coating the cardstock with black ink, then using a nail to draw a design in the dry ink.  Last week, the kids colored all over a sheet of drawing paper with charcoal, then used an eraser to "paint" a white image over the gray background. I try to look ahead a week or two to  make sure we have the supplies on hand.  So far we have not had any trouble locating materials.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon was our first read-aloud for Sonlight Core F. This is a lovely book-an adventure story, a moral tale, and a lovely piece of art in itself. It's a nice change to read a book for this age group with such wonderful illustrations. The story really held the kids attention-even my fidgety ten year-old who usually complains about long chapters! We enjoyed following along with Minli's quest to  speak to the Old Man in the Moon and change her family's fortune. The narrative is interspersed with short folktales, told by the characters. I think this book is probably best for the 8-12 year old age group, though my five year-old happily listened in.

The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature

What a fun book! I remember my boys absoultely adoring this book when we first did Core P 4/5 and little sis loves it just as much. So much that the cover is literally falling off! This is a big, heavily illustrated paperback with lots and lots of colorful pictures and rhyming text that teaches kids about nature, science, and the calendar. There is so much information here. We have already read way beyond our Instructor Guide schedule, because she always asks for just one more page.... now I need to get out the tape and try to attach it all back together! This is a great beginner science book for the 4-6 year old age range.

This was fun! I might have to make these little reviews a regular thing:).  

Till next time!

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