Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Few Little Reviews: Science Books

A few science books we have been enjoying lately in our homeschool...

Diary of an Early American Boy~Grace and Christopher just finished reading this for Sonlight Core F. I haven't finished it yet, but I definitely plan to. Diary is an actual copy of the journal of 15 year-old Noah Blake, interspersed with a narrative that ties everything together. The book is enhanced by black-and-white drawings.This is a great example of a "living science" book. It really brings to life the daily work of a farmer in the early 1800's. Lots of topics are touched upon- tools, predicting the weather, seasonal work, how bridges were constructed, and lots more. 

The Usborne Book of Knowledge~The link is to the internet-linked edition; my edition is older and appears to be out of print, though Sonlight still carries it.  My kids have quite literally loved this book to death. It is falling apart in every imaginable way. Even though it is a "school-book" it is frequently brought along on car rides, or to the couch for free time reading. This is an encyclopedia-style book with colorful cartoon illustrations and lots of information and diagrams. It is really five books in one: How Animals Live, How Birds Live, How Things Began, How Machines Work, and How Your Body Works.

The Magic School Bus series~Rose has just entered her Magic School Bus phase!  She had one particular title that she was asking for again and again.  When I dug out our big collection of MSB books her eyes lit up. She spends tons of time pouring over these. Sonlight schedules several MSB titles in different Cores, and I think they work just as well for a 10 year-old as they do for a 5 year-old. Heck, I have learned a lot just by reading these aloud! There is a ton of information in each one. Lots of sidebars and detailed illustrations provide extra info for older kids, younger kids can just focus on the story. We also own a few of the DVDS, which I am planning to show to Rose this week. These books are a great supplement to the science in Core P 4/5. There is also a companion website, with games, printables, videos, and science experiments which I plan to check out with her as well. 

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