Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Summer Routine

We are on week two of our summer routine and things are starting to fall into a rhythm. In general, our daily routine for the summer looks something like this-at least on the days we are home!

6:00: I wake up and do not want to get up. Why is it so hard to get up?? I would like to get up even earlier, (in theory!) but it just isn't going to happen. If I get up later though, I don't have much quiet time before the kids arrive downstairs. I am getting rather attached to my quiet breakfasts! I usually just get dressed in the morning, I shower after I exercise and/or before bed.

7:00: The kids get up around now, except for Rose who usually sleeps until 8.  They have breakfast and do their chores while I do my chores. If I have time, I spend 20 minutes or so cleaning a room.

8:30: We start math, everyone at the same time, while I bounce between them. Rose usually likes to work during this time so she does a few pages of her math book followed by handwriting practice or Get Ready for the Code.

9:00: We start wrapping up math and I do Rose's P 4/5 reading with her, plus whatever related activities we can get to or she is interested in.

9:30: I work with either James or Grace & Christopher on whatever they need help with. We work together for maybe 45 minutes. Everyone needs a snack around ten, and that's my dedicated ice tea or kale smoothie time.

The kids go outside now that the prime bug hours are past. The mosquitoes have been awful!  Sometimes they walk the goats in the woods, sometimes they just play around the yard or pick raspberries. If it is super hot and we aren't going to be home in the afternoon they may go in the pool now. While they play, I exercise and shower.

The kids are usually back inside complaining of heat and drinking gallons of water. Time for some more work before lunch. If they are outside and happy, I usually don't bother them, but normally they come in.

Lunchtime. I try to make a point of asking about books they are reading or about current events. The older two are supposed to read one news story each day and be able to tell about it.

After lunch, the kids do animal chores (filling water, food, hay) while I pick up lunch, fold laundry, and sort the mail.

If we aren't going out, I spend an hour or so with James or Grace & Christopher (whoever I didn't get to that morning).

Kids have a pool break if we are home. I briefly check email, work on pre-reading books, and try to knit a few rows (meditation, you  know) while playing lifeguard.

If we are home, I try to get 15-30 minutes of quiet time in my room. I need this for my sanity. Sometimes I read, sometimes I just lie down and breathe really slowly:).

If I have the energy, I will head out to work in the garden. Rose will usually help me a bit, especially if I am picking peas or something else. Or I might need to clean out the goats or chickens. If it's raining, I often end up reading more books to Rose or playing a game, but sometimes we will watch a movie or documentary-type show.

Our afternoon chore time starts. The animals need checking, the house needs picking up, dinner needs to get started, and several people are usually taking turns in the shower.

We eat early most nights and the kids help pick up.

I have an hour to myself, which I usually spend working on this blog, while the kids play Wii with their Dad.  

We have dessert (usually just ice cream, but sometimes Grace or I bake something).

We do our nighttime read-alouds with the kids.

The kids are hopefully upstairs for the night. They can keep their light on until 9 or 9:30 for quiet reading. Grace sometimes stays up longer. Rose listens to a CD and usually conks right out. We the parents try to read without falling asleep, or we watch a movie. I usually take a shower at night too, it helps me unwind.


Of course, our days often look nothing like this! Outings always throw things off. If we are headed out by early afternoon, I usually exercise first thing, then we work and have an early lunch. I make exercising a priority over schooling on those days, otherwise I wouldn't get it done.

We are spending about 3-4 hours per day on structured learning, usually Mon/Tues/Thurs. Wednesdays are a little less because of homeschool group, and most Fridays we will only put in an hour or so before heading to the lake for the day. If it is raining, which it has been doing a lot of, we work straight through the morning without the outdoor break.

I am finding that we can get a lot done in a short amount of time if we can just buckle down and do it!


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