Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Musings

For July 8th, 2013

Outside My Window...The heat wave that set in for the Fourth seems to be abating. It will be warm this week, but hopefully not too uncomfortable for Grace's week at riding camp.

Things I'm Thinking About....Way too many things. The next couple of weeks look very busy on the calendar, causing my mind gets cluttered up with lists. I have been trying to record all those niggling to-dos in my planner. It helps just to know they are written down somewhere and won't be forgotten.

In My Garden...The raspberries are the main event. They are so good! This year we have our regular raspberries, wild raspberries, and wild black raspberries. And the blueberries are starting now, too. We need to get in the habit of picking them every day before the birds do! We dug up some more new potatoes and pulled tons of potato beetles and other pests off the plants. Potatoes attract so many pests! The peas look like they are going to do an encore, which is great. Still eating and giving away tons of kale. We had some of our own pak choi over the weekend, but I think caterpillars have eaten the rest of the patch.

Around the House....My plans to clean one room a day have been foiled by our lack of sticking to a routine last week. This week doesn't look any better for cleaning time, but as long as I can get the kitchen done, I shall try to be content;).

Food, and the Cooking Thereof....I never did get to my rhubarb jam last week. Maybe this week, after it cools down a bit. I have lots of no-cook meals planned for this week. It's just too hot! So we'll be eating lots of sandwiches and salads. Today we made a big pasta salad which is one of my favorite things to make- a few days' worth of side-dishes and easy lunches all set.

In Our Homeschool....This will be a light week due to outside commitments. We will squeeze in what we can! 

Creating..... I managed to finish an afghan square last week and start another one. That's about it.

Reading and Watching....I finished The Invisible Bridge. I'm now reading The Help.  Yet another really long book:). We watched Madagascar with the kids (huge hit) and Transsiberian without them. The kids have been enjoying Insane Coaster Wars ever since we went to Six Flags.

Plans For the Week Ahead...Grace is headed to riding camp all week. The boys have a Harry Potter cooking class three mornings this week and rock climbing. If the weather stays nice we will head up to the lake after camp ends on Friday to canoe. And if we can squeeze it in, I'd like to get the boys out on the tennis court so they can warm up a little before starting tennis camp next week.

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. I just put The Invisible Bridge on hold at the library - looking forward to it!


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